Lyme Disease Questionnaire & Checklist


Download and print off this questionnaire if you suspect you might have Lyme disease. This is an excellent first step and a worthwhile resource to bring to your next appointment with your primary care practitioner, your Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) or  Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor (LLND).  Instructions on how to score this test are on the last page. If you scored above 21, you should seek out a LLMD/LLND in your area for further evaluation and lab testing. If you scored over 46, you should be highly suspicious of Lyme infection and should seek out an LLMD/LLND to either confirm the diagnosis with lab testing or discuss treatment options. 

ArminLabs Co-Infection Checklist

This is a fillable pdf document. Simply check the box of the 27 listed symptoms that you are experiencing. The document will automatically score and rank which co-infections are most likely causing your cluster of symptoms. This checklist is not diagnostic, by a very useful tool to help decide if further testing is required.  Bringing this checklist to your LLMD or LLND would be helpful.