Lyme Specific Herbal Protocols & Informative Websites

Stephen Harrod Buhner

As a master herbalist, Buhner has done extensive research on treating Lyme disease and co-infections with herbal medicines and has written several excellent books on these topics. Many of the tinctures available on this site are known to be effective for Lyme and co-infections thanks to his tireless work.

Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease by Dr. Joseph Burrascano MD

This is an older text but has withstood the test of time. Dr. Burrascano outlines the principles of antibiotic therapy , co-infections and the use of supplements and other supportive therapies.

CanLyme – Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation

This website covers the fundamentals of Lyme disease and is an excellent starting place to begin the process of unravelling the complexities of this infection.

ILADS – International Lyme Associated Diseases Society

The ‘Research and Literature’ section offers explanation of the many controversies of Lyme disease, including infection, diagnosis and treatment.  They outline the limitations in conventional lab testing and the rationale of using a comprehensive treatment approach in both acute and chronic cases.