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1. Symptoms of Tick Borne Infections 

Since there are many symptoms that can manifest from each of the common tick-borne infections, this chart was created to help shed some light on the many overlapping symptoms. Although no one will exhibit all of the symptoms of a particular infection, this chart be use helpful in determining if other co-infections might be present. This in turn can help you decision on what should be tested for. 

2. Natural Supplements for Tick Borne Infections 

This chart highlights which of the various supplements are helpful for many tick-borne infections and related conditions. Find which supplements can be paired together against a specific infection or which supplement is supportive against more than one infection.

3. Herbal Medicine Treatments for Tick Borne Infections

Similar to the chart above, this chart highlights the most common herbs and their effects on tick-borne infections. Herbs work synergistically, meaning that they are more effective at combating infections when multiple similar herbs are taken together. This chart can help determine which herb or herb combination is best for your unique case. 

4. Comparison of Herbal Actions

A single herb can offer multiple therapeutic benefits. This chart depicts the many herbs use for Lyme disease and groups them by their effect on the body (such as being anti-fungal, detoxifying or sleep supportive). Use this information to determine which herbs can be used in combination to treat various symptoms. 

5. Mold Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire as a guide to consider if mold toxicity is playing a role in your current health concerns. Mold toxins strongly suppress immune function and play an important role in chronic tick-borne infection cases. Once you complete the questionnaire, you can use the scoring chart to determine whether or not mold is a probability or not.

6. Prevention & New Tick Bite Guide

This guide highlights what can be done to prevent tick bites as well as a provides a detailed list of the therapeutic options to be considered if you've recently been bitten by a tick. Keep this guide handy - you never know when you'll need it!

7. Tick Identification Chart

A visual comparison of the most common types of ticks. Though certain types of ticks will be more or less likely to transmit Lyme disease and co-infections, it has been established that all types of ticks may transmit infection. If you have a tick on you, your pet, or within your house, use this guide to help you determine which type of tick it is. 

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Your privacy is important to us. Your information will never be shared or sold.